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The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

Written on a scrap of paper given to me by a good man Denis ( alittle elbow gesture im sure), I am going to follow more actively my dreams over the following months. Im sure if anything i will learn more scary things about myself and try and confront my fears. One of my biggest ones at the moment is driving and i have already set a plan when i return home, i will buy a little banger. Not a pretty car. But one that i can call my own and take out, more than anything to get over my fear of driving. I hope to get my licence by the summer so lets see…

Where did this fear come from. Probably a comical accident with a Tree. One Sunday afternoon, my mother. and I decided to take the family car out for a spin in a small quiet residential area. Previously, I had been taking lessons with a driving instructor and was relatively confident driving his dual control car. Starting up my parents car i learnt was a completely different new experience. As I tried desperately to measure and feel the clutch with my foot much like a young mans deperate attempts to unslip his first love’s brasserie. I failed miserably. Eventually after countless expletives and a little bit of assurance from my mum, the car started motion and chugged forward. I slowly worked the gears and approached my first T Junction. Angling the car to the right, the steering wheel was different from what i was used to . My parents had manual steering and before i knew it i was up on the kerb in the direction of a bunch of children sitting on a wall. I slowly shifted the wheel and the car complied and drifted back onto the road. We slowly went forward down a hill. Conscious of the hill, we swooped down in second gear and i approached my next TJunction, panicking my right foot decided to bounce between the break, clutch and accelerator. The car lurked slowly across the road much like a bucking bronco. A tree lay in front of me and before i knew it i had hit the tree. My mother screamin. I was mortified. All i could see was twigs and berries in front of me on the windscreen. It was like an episode from Mothers Do’Ave em. After that i never really progressed driving. I had fleeting attempts. But always at the back of my mind was watch those poor trees!

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